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Collihole Family

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Badgers in My Garden 29 October 2007    I and my neighbours would like some advice. During the last 6 months it has become obvious that we have the presence of a badger in our gardens digging huge holes under our fences and causing general large scale damage.

Someone said that they could be trapped and re-located. Is this true? If it is then who should we contact. We love badgers but our gardens can't take the sort of damage they can cause.  
Anyone help?  

We are sorry to hear that badgers are causing you problems.  Badgers are, of course, a protected species and must not be hurt, but there are ways of discouraging them.  You can find some helpful hints at:-


www.badger.org.uk/     www.badger.org.uk/_Attachments/Resources/55_S4.pdf      


Can anyone offer any other advice?




03 September 2007    Can you please send me information regarding Trade stands for your Bampton Fair in October.   Kind regards  Julie James   Three Jays Trading  
Dear Julie, Thank you for your enquiry.  May I make it clear that Mid-Devon.Net does not run Bampton Fair or any other event  Please go to the web site for Bampton, and their page for the Fair -  www.bampton.org.uk/charterfair/index.htm.   I hope this contains the information you need.






23rd August 2007    hi, do you know of a bus service from Exeter to Bampton on this day as we would love to come to your open day but we do not drive.  regards ...Mrs Annemaria Gidley   
Dear Annemaria, I am afraid that I don't personally know exactly which buses go to Bampton.  The Bampton Open Day is not run by Mid-Devon.Net, nor is any other event.  I have forwarded your e-mail to the lady who put the Bampton Open Day on our What's On and I hope she will answer you soon.  In the meantime, you could try looking up the appropriate bus on our Transport - Bus page:-  www.mid-devon.net/development/hypervardetails2.asp?ListCat=Bus  or 
www.devon.gov.uk/buses.htm   or  
or you could try Devon Car Share - someone else might be going from near you - www.carsharedevon.com
I hope you find the information you need as it sounds like a fun day out and the weather forecast also sounds promising
Dolton - "Red Rooster" Rythm and Blues Band 05 June 2007    On June the 9th the Union Inn, Dolton will be hosting the "Red Rooster" Rythem and Blues band from Bristol. The gig starts at 8:30 and we hope that you would be kind enough to mention it on your whats on guide. Might even see you here.   
Thank you    Richard and Vee,  Union Inn, Dolton
Thank you for the information.  We hope you have a very successful event
Forum - should we have one?


30 April 2007 Would a forum on your site be a good idea? 
Thank you for your suggestion.  We did have a Forum, for quite some time, but the only people who ever used it were the rats who spread viruses and advertise sleazy sites, so we withdrew it.  Does anyone else want it reinstated?  Please let me know at  
Templeton Web Site 08 January 2007     This is to let you know that the link on the page about Templeton to my website on the people in the village in the 19th century no longer works as I have moved it in the last few days. It was at www.lupton2.freeserve.co.uk/templeton/intro.htm.  It is now at www.barbsweb.co.uk/templeton.intro.htm  I would therefore be very grateful if you could update your link.   Thankyou,   Barbara Lupton   Thank you for the information
Bickleigh Cottage Country Hotel  30 October 2006  Bickleigh Cottage Country Hotel is no longer trading. We have retired. The cottage is now a private house.  Thank You . Mr and Mrs. Cochrane
Thank you for the information
Comment On Site 25 October 2006  Great job Webmaster I like your site
Thank you very much
Crediton Camera Club / Wyatt Photography

18 October 2006  Spoke to a camera club member on Friday 13th Oct 06 who assured me the club was still running, and meets every Friday night in Crediton. If I decide to attend I will inform them there site is no where to be found.   Andy http://wyatt-photography.co.uk
Thank you for the information. Crediton Camera Club has a small amount of informatrion at www.credphoto.co.uk/, including where and when it will meet during 2006/7 and a contact telephone number. If anyone has any further information please let me know

Comment On Site  1 October 2006    Hello there! Just want to say that I find your site interesting for me. Useful information and all is well  arranged.. I will visit your site more often from now and I bookmarked it. Thank you for your work.  Thank you very much
Comment On Site 30 September 2006 Good website! Easy to find helpful information. It very impressive. Good stuff. I study to do sites  Once again thanks.  Thank you 
Comment On Site 30 September 2006 Hello :) I have decided to express you the gratitude for your site. Its really good. Very beautiful design, nice logo and is a lot of helpful information. Thanks you.  Thank you






27 September 2006     Im moving to Ash Mill in the near future will I be able to get broadband if yes have you any idea of the best I S provider for that area 

The whole of Devon should be able to get Broadband now, but we understand there may be problems if you live very far from the nearest Exchange.  

If, as seems likely, you are on the BISHOPS NYMPTON Exchange you should be able to have BT Broadband with a likely maximum speed of up to 2.5Mb (Megabits per second).- see http://www.bt.com/broadband/bb_availability_result.jsp - at the bottom of the page you can put your 'phone number or postcode in to check availability, (when you know it)

We cannot promote any ISP, but have heard good things about BT and bad about Tiscali.  We would be interested to learn how things work out for you.  Frank

Comment On Site 22 September 2006   Hi, People. I really like it site! Good job, nice logo... wealth of information on site and a nice design.  GOOD LUCK ;)
Venues in Cullompton Area? 12 September 2006      hi i'm trying to find a venue to hold a specialist plants and garden car boot sale. ideally fairly close to the m5 maybe in the cullompton area.does anyone know of a good place? any idea's ? thanks roy [ south molton]
Dance Studio in Tiverton 11 September 2006  For info; address of the 'Willow Tree Dance Centre' is now at the Tiverton High School, in the Visual Arts Block.    This web site still does not seem to function properly, but I include it in case anyone else can get more out of it
Comment On Site 26 August 2006  Thank you for your site. I have found here much useful information... Added to favorites!!
Comment On Site 19 August 2006  Considering you guys are a non-profit site, I was really impressed with the
amount of information available.  Congrats on a great job!  Andy Steggles www.HolidayHomeRental.co.uk 
Dance Studio in Tiverton  4 August 2006  Hi Looked for a dance centre but only had Wellington ?  Have since found the Willow Tree Dance Centre Web site.   www.willowtree-onstage.co.uk    For your info and up dating
Thank you for the information, I have added this web site, but have to say that it does not seem to be working properly and you only get the home page.

Comment On Site
24 July 2006      Thank you for your site. I have found here much useful information.Added to favorites!!  I am glad you like it

Comment On Site
17 July 2006      You have excellent site, added to favorites!!
Many thanks
Births Deaths and Marriages





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12 May 2006   

It would be nice to be able to find out about the services for births, deaths and marriages - but where?!!

1)  I think you may be confusing www.mid-devon.net with the Mid-Devon District Council, on
     www.middevon.gov.uk - Mid-Devon.Net has nothing to do with the Council.  

2)  The Great House, Tiverton is the place to go to register a Birth, Death or Marriage - you can e-mail them
     at .   This is a Devon County Council service, so for more details go to

3)  Did you mean any other kind of service?  MDDC offer  Bereavement Services -

I hope this helps, if not please let me know how we can be of further use. 
Comment On Site 29 April 2006    Very nice website with a lot of informative response from members
Comment On Site 20 March 2006   Very nice and informative website.
Thank you very much
Comment On Site 17 March 2006   Your site is realy very interesting. 
Thank you very much
Collihole Family 16 March 2006     I`m a collihole if anyone wants more info for family reasons let me know
How to Add Your Site



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29 January 2006       

Please answer me how i can go in these list. I rum a small pest control company in Cullompton. Thanks a lot

Please fill in our Add Your Site Form at http://www.mid-devon.net/Development/Contact_Us/AddSite.htm.  If you do not already have a Web Site of your own, it is more difficult to help you but please contact me at to see if I can offer any other help.
Linscombe Farm / Another List




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12 December 2005   

Slight amendment to previous comment about veg box schemes: I seem to get one stage nearer but having clicked on Linscombe Farm Vegetables, I was just taken to another list of businesses. It's just a tad frustrating.................

Unfortunately, Linscombe does not have its own web site, so we thought you would rather have their address and phone number from a list than not at all.  If you, or anyone else, feels that we should leave out any mention of organisations that do not have their own web sites, please let us know.

March 2006 - Good News!  Linscombe now has a web site - go to www.linscombe.co.uk/ 
Linscombe Farm / Another List






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12 December 2005   

Whilst I found the site quite interesting it didn't give me the information I was searching for - namely local veg box schemes - even though this appears to be one of the options. The link always took me to the list of famers' markets.

We are sorry that you are having trouble finding Veg. Box Schemes.  Unfortunately all the web pages that we could find that used to show Veg. Box Schemes in Mid-Devon are no longer working - except for Devon Food Links - where you have to choose from a list.  It is a shame that there do not seem to be any Veg. Box Schemes that one can reach directly online anymore.  We shall continue to search for more information, so please try again.  In the meantime, you might like to try www.devonfoodlinks.org.uk/FoodFinder/Vegetables.asp, where you can find Alis Plants, Bishops Farm Organics, Folly End Farm Shop, Leafcycle, Linscombe Farm, Little Turberfield Farm Shop, The Organic Farmers Market, Wallaces of Hemyock and Willand Post Office. 

March 2006 - Good News!  Linscombe now has a one page web site - go to www.linscombe.co.uk/ 
Wool Factory in Gaddon Down




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20 October 2005   

Hallo, can anyone tell me if there was a Wool Factory in Gaddon Down in 1889. Many Thanks Margaret

I have had a search around, and the only Woollen Mill I can find is Coldharbour Mill, at www.coldharbourmill.org.uk/,  - which is close by Gaddon Down at Uffculme.  This Mill was built in 1799, so would have been in existence in 1889.

If  this is not what you were looking for, you might try Nigel Cawthorne at .  Nigel has a web site, www.cawthorne.net/, giving the history of the Cawthorne family and may have some information that might be of use.
Collihole Family






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22 August 2005       

This site is a fabulous site. I left a comment sometime ago searching for the COLLIHOLE family and I am making contact with everyone who has left email addresses. I will leave mine today so you can contact me too. My very close friends have just returned to Australia after travelling through Devon. They stopped off at the Winkleigh cemetery and suprised me with their find. My great grand father John COLLIHOLE (born 1835) came to Australia in 1863 and died 1880 He is buried here in Australia. My friends found on John's parents tombstone the details of his death and where he is buried in Australia. My friends stood at the grave and cried for the family whose loved ones were so far away. Thank you for allowing us to share our thoughts on the Devon site. Raine

Many thanks for your comments.  I am so glad that this site has been of use to you, and to others searching for information on this very popular family name.  Best of luck with any future investigations
Comment On Site 18 August 2005      Your site is realy very interesting. 
Thank you for your comments.  
The Real Tiverton




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29 June 2005   

Has any one been to www.therealtiverton.co.uk  it's just been featured on the front page of the Tiverton Gazzette, it is one of the funniest sites I've read in ages, on a less interesting side note, it seems as though they're making some progress through the political bulls**t. Brilliant!

Thank you for your blog.  For those who have not yet visited The Real Tiverton please be aware that anyone who does not share the "yoof" sense of humour may not find it funny, and anyone who does not share a love of swear words may wish to give it a miss..
Comment On Site 06 June 2005       cool site
Many thanks - Frank
Collihole Family




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04 June 2005       

Hello, there's quite a few enquiries about the name Collihole on this site. My great, great grandfather, Vincent Collihole (a tailor), moved to Kennington (London) around the 1890's from Taunton. He had seven kids, one of which called Leo who was my great grandfather. To my knowledge, we're the only remaining Colliholes (Leo's decendents) in the London area. Any shared info would be greatly appreciated, especially if anyone knows what the name actually means.

Best of luck with finding out more information about this very popular family
Comment On Site



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11 June 2005       Hi, A nice site you have here, well laid out and pre-planed. I have enjoyed an interesting time searching through the links, good luck with the continuation of your Web Sites success. Regards Carl Barron Webmaster http://uk.geocities.com/tasknews/index.htm

Thank you very much for your comments.  Visitors please note that this Link leads to "A Visual Guide to Dorset".

Hijacked Link to Tidcombe School





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19 May 2005      

I was looking at Tidcombe school (my daughter attends) and saw related link for mid Devon.Net. I looked up Chevithorne where I come from and clicked on to Thornebuds Pre-school. The page that opened was for cheap adult website traffic,saying it was powered by Adult free web hosting network. I just wondered if you were aware of this, not something you would expect from originally looking up a school. This happened on both entries. Jan Hamlyn

I am horrified to hear that the former link to Thornebuds Pre-School has been hijacked.  Thank you very much for letting me know.  This was caused by Virtual Tiverton, (who were hosting the web page previously used by Thornebuds), being hijacked by unscrupulouse persons.  They have relaunched at Virtual-DevonOnline.co.uk, and you can find the Thornebuds on virtual-devononline.co.uk/thornebuds/index.html and have updated our records to point to this. Many thanks for the information
Mid-Devon Business Association 




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09 May 2005        

The Mid-Devon Business Association generate an enormous amount of paper-work and our office desperately needs to find an efficient person who is good at sorting out papers for filing and has an eye for detail. In other words someone who likes organising and takes pride in his/her work. I am very fortunate to have had the experience of working as a Personal Assistant in London at a very senior level and am therefore used to working to a high standard. If you should know of anyone who might be interested in taking up the challenge please let me know. The job would only be Part Time initially, but who knows!

Best of luck!
Tourist Information Centres









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28 April 2005       

You seem to have every organisation listed apart from one of the more useful ones - Tourist information also the only link I tried, did not work - accomodation

Thank you very much for taking the trouble to let me know which Link was not working.  I have updated this Link and it should work OK now.   I shall make all entries showing Tourist Information Centres more visible in the hope of being more useful.  I have been told that TICs do not have the funding to construct and maintain a web site to show all TICs, or even those which have an online presence, but I live in hope!

When I typed "Tourist Information Centre" into our Search box it also found the following:-

Celebrating Somerset - Tourist Information Centres - www.somerset.gov.uk/celebratingsomerset/visitors/pages/contact.htm

Devon Connect TIC - www.devon-connect.co.uk/travel-tips/touristinfocentres.htm#Tiverton,   (which shows TICs snail mail address and phone for the whole of Devon but no Web Site Addresses)

Visit South Molton - http://www.visitsouthmolton.co.uk/

I think these cover the whole of Devon and Somerset between them.  I hope you find Mid-Devon.Net more useful next time you use it.
North Tawton





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25 April 2005       

on trying to find the rector of North Tawton no info

I am sorry to say that I cannot find the name of the Rector of North Tawton.  This information does not seem to exist on the Internet, nor in my Telephone Book.  The only things I can find are the following:-

Find A Church - North Tawton United Reform Church - http://www.findachurch.co.uk/temp/ss/ss60/nturc/index.html - which shows the Snail Mail Address

North Tawton Gospel Hall - http://www.northtawtongospelhall.co.uk/ - who may know the Rectors name

Best of luck with your search.
Collihole Family



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23 April 2005       

Yes hi, my name is gina Martin but my maiden name is collihole, im from plymouth devon, and most of my family live there , im looking for more info on the colliholes and will help out comeone else if info is needed

You are not the first person to be seeking information on the Colliholes.  Please contact  
Mid Devon Business Association



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16 December 2004       

Hello - my name is Elizabeth Curzon-Howe and I represent the Mid Devon Business Association, which is run from our home. We have a very active committee who are all working very hard to make our Association a great success.  If you would like me to send you details about our Association please provide your name and address.

Thank you for letting us know about the Mid-Devon Business Association.  We hope that local organisations will take the opportunity to contact you.  Anyone wishing to see the Mid-Devon Business Association Web Site go to www.mdba.net 








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02 Dec 2004       

I live in Witheridge and I will get Broadband next February. Currently not an evening goes by when my connection cuts out on more than one occasion and it redials. My problem is that if it is on 24/7 will I get the dialling up noise if the connection is broken at all hours? Thank you for your advice. B Blackman

Thanks for your query.  No, you will not get the "dialling up noise" when the connection is broken because Broadband is "always on", literally, you only get a slight amount of noise when you make the connection - not the old noisy one.  You will get a Reconnect dialogue box appear and you should be able to reconnect without difficulty.  Of course, if you have chosen to disconnect the Broadband connection and / or turned off your computer, there will be no noise.

I am on the Cheriton Fitzpaine Exchange and I had no problems while on Dial Up.  Unfortunately, when I upgraded to BT Broadband I was getting much the same problem that you are having now - it cut out at apparently random times during the day, although it does seem to be more stable during the evening and at weekends.

I have now upgraded my version of Windows and Internet Explorer and am having far less problems.  Do please let us know what happens when you get Broadband.



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17 November 2004   ssarah.    

im looking for a hairsalon in newton abbot (andrew hill)

I regret that Mid-Devon.Net does not cover Newton Abbot - which is in South Devon.  

For anyone in Mid-Devon, I have listed all I can find for EX16 on www.mid-devon.net/development/documents/tivhair.htm   Unfortunately, not all of them have a Web Site

Frank Henry Brigg Harmon / Bow Churches




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14 November 2004       

Hello, I have recently discovered that my grandfather, Frank Henry Brigg Harmon was once minister at your Bow churches. Are there any sites which might give me more information or other links? Thank you. S. Allison, nee Beere, daughter of Gertrude Harmon

Thank you for your enquiry.  Unfortunately we cannot find anything specific, but perhaps the following Web Sites may be of use:-

Tiverton Taxi Firms


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12 October 2004   #   

could you please tell me why there are no telephone numbers or nothing on tiverton taxi firms other than the names

That is a very good question.  We have found www.upmystreet.com/nrs/?l1=EX16&cat=1226 and we hope that this is good replacement.
"Paddock Farm" in Red Ball, Holcombe Rogus, Wellington, Somerset

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06 September 2004   

Hi, my name is Holly Cork, I recently have been searching the web for history on "Paddock Farm" in Red Ball, Holcombe Rogus, Wellington, Somerset. Does anyone have any details on this subject? many thanks Holly

Apart from http://www.equinetourism.co.uk/equineservices/complementarytherapy.htm we don't have any information on "Paddock Farm".  Hopefully, someone can help.  Best of luck with the search.
Womens Business Group in Tiverton Area


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29 July 2004        

Womens Business Group in Tiverton Area

Are there any? If not shall we start one (I start one?) Would you join? Susan

We wish you the best of luck with this venture.  Frank
Collihole Family




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27 July 2004       the collihole`s are from north tawton my grandfather was Ernest Collihole the family covered diverse trades from draper,grocer,vet I understand there is some records held in documents at the church in North Tawton there is also a connection with the Stanton family as a Collihole married a stanton and the Stanton name has been retained through decendants since as a middle name my mother was a Collihole married a Davies and my name is Mark Stanton Davies my brother and my five grandsons also carry the stanton name the last Collihole that I knew of was William my uncle who died four years ago regards Mark Davies

Thank you very much for the information.
Collihole Family



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26 July 2004       

we read of someone reseaching the surname COLLIHOLE. This is my maternal grandparents name and a member of our family has researched the name back to North Tawton in ~Devon.

See above.
Short Term Rental Accommodation





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11 July 2004       

Hello We are moving to the mid devon area and are looking for short term rental accommodation around the Chumleigh, South Moltan, 5 mile radius. We have to move down mid august due to a job move and are finding it difficult to locate anything. We wandered if you would have information of lets/rentals for 6 months plus. We have two children of school age. Ghazala Malik and Tony White

Mid-Devon.Net cannot recommend anything, (see Disclaimer on our Home Page), but you should be able to find someone to help you in Services - Estate Agents , which you can also find under the Business and Commerce section.

Best of luck with your search.  Frank
Information on Crediton Area














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07 July 2004       


You will find plenty of information on our web site, all of it is either in Mid-Devon or close around it, so all of it  will be near to you in the Crediton Area.  For more details of particular places click here to see our Towns and Villages section.  We are between Exmoor and Dartmoor and the sea is only 50 miles in either direction, so you have a great deal of choice.

We have picked out every entry we have with the word Walk in it, (except Accommodation), click here to see Walks and Walking, (which you can also find under the Leisure and Tourism section).  

You might also like to have a look at our Leisure and Tourism section - Attractions, Days Out, and Garden Visiting seem to be what you are looking for but there is much more information available.   You might like to call in at a local book shop and get a copy of the Devon Gardens Yellow Book by the National Gardens Scheme.

We only have 2 Stately Homes in Mid-Devon - Knightshayes near Tiverton www.nationaltrust.org.uk/scripts/nthandbook.dll?ACTION=PROPERTY&PropertyId=24 and Killerton a bit nearer to Exeter  www.nationaltrust.org.uk/scripts/nthandbook.dll?ACTION=PROPERTY&PROPERTYID=23, both of which can be found in our Attractions section, but there are other attractions such as Manor Houses, Castles and, of course, our wonderful scenery.

When you get to Crediton you will find the Tourist Information Centre in the High Street - see  http://www.crediton.co.uk/tourism/tic.html 

If you have any problems with the above please e-mail me - . 

We hope you have a wonderful holiday in Mid-Devon and enjoy yourselves enormously.  Fingers crossed the weather keeps fine for you!  Frank
Collihole Family



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22 April 2004       

I am researching the Collihole name in the Chagford area and would be grateful of any information with reagrd to this and where the name came from in the area. Why was the area called Collihole? If anyoneknows anything I would be very grateful of any information. Please email me on . Thank you Mrs Jennie Gilbert

We regret that, as Chagford is outside the Mid-Devon Area, we are unable to help but wish you the best of luck with your search.
"The Old School House, Ash Thomas, Tiverton" 26 July 2003      Can anyone tell me about "The Old School House, Ash Thomas, Tiverton". and what is it being used for at the present time.  Is it a Hospice?
Thanks.  Cecilia Ellis





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30 July 2003       

I am simply looking for a map of Boadhembury. Nothing on this site. I'll move on. Thank's anyway. Dr. David Mahoney

Thank you for your request.  We are sorry that Broadhembury is not in Mid-Devon but is in East Devon.  We hope that you found a useful map - if not please see Real Ale and a Bed Broadhembury  at www.beerguide.co.uk/towns/broadhembury.htm or Multimap at www.multimap.com/map/browse.cgi?X=310000&Y=105000&scale=100000&coordsys=gb.

We will try to include some information about Broadhembury since it is quite close to Mid-Devon.  Thanks for drawing it to our attention.  Frank  [email protected]
'Creedy Vintage Cider



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30 June 2003        

I recently acquired a small brown jug with 'Creedy Vintage Cider' and a picture of a gentleman ringing a bell on the front. Also it says"Greetings from the West Country" on the bottom. I just wondered if you know anything about it, I haven't had any luck

Thank you      JZ

Anyone have any information?
Comment On Site


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20 June 2003   

Very Good Site  Easy to navigate and full of information.  

Many thanks - Frank

Collihole Family



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26 April 2003   

I enjoy your web page and access it often. I am interested in the History of Mid Devon in particular Winkleigh where my relatives once lived. I am trying to put together a history book on the Collihole family and any information is gratly received. I would like to travel to the area but I reside in Australia, perhaps one day I will be able to. Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts 
Cheers Raine Collihole

If anyone has information on the Collihole family please leave your e-mail address so Raine can contact you.

Author Frank
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