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Villages, Towns and Postcodes In and Around Mid-Devon

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Main Local Towns:-   Crediton,  
|   Cullompton,    |   Tiverton

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Villages, Towns and other Local Places


Aller Kentisbeare Cullompton EX15 2BU   
Appledore Uffculme Cullompton Devon EX15 3ES  
Ash Thomas Tiverton  EX16 4NL  
Ashbrittle Wellington TA21 0HQ
Ashculme Hemyock  EX15 3SU
Ashill Cullompton EX15 3LX
Ashley Tiverton EX16 5DN  

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Bakers Hill Tiverton EX16 5AT
Bampton Tiverton  EX16 9AG
Barnfield Crediton EX17 3HY
Barnstaple Cross Crediton  EX17 2EP
Barstows Causeway Tiverton EX16 6RH
Beacon Hill Cullompton EX15 3HP
Bickleigh Tiverton EX16 8RW
Billingsmoor Bradninch EX5 4LX
Black Dog Crediton EX17 4QA
Blackborough Cullompton EX15 2HG
Blackdown Cross Crediton EX17 3QQ
Blackdown Hills 
Blagdon Crediton EX17 1EH
Bodmiscombe Blackborough Cullompton EX15 2HR
Boehill Uplowman Tiverton EX16 7DZ
Bolealler Cullompton EX15 1RH
Bolham Clayhidon Cullompton EX15 3QE
Bolham Tiverton EX16 7RA
Bolham Water Clayhidon Cullompton EX15 3QB
Borden Gate Clayhanger Tiverton EX16 7NS
Bow Crediton EX17 5AA
Bradfield Willand Cullompton EX15 2RA
Bradninch Exeter EX5 4QY
Brickhouse Hill Tiverton EX16 6BG
Brithembottom Cullompton EX15 1NB
Brookshill Prescott Uffculme Cullompton EX15 3DN
Broomhill Tiverton EX16 5AJ
Brushford Wembworthy Chulmleigh EX18 7SJ
Brushford Barton Wembworthy Chulmleigh EX18 7SJ
Bugford Lapford Crediton EX17 6AA
Bunneford Cross Butterleigh Cullompton EX15 1PF
Burlescombe Tiverton EX16 7HE
Burrow Corner Tiverton EX16 4PS
Burrow Hill Hemyock Cullompton EX15 3QS
Butterleigh Cullompton EX15 1PG  

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Bampton Tiverton  EX16


Blackdown Hills


Bradninch Exeter EX5


Cadbury Exeter EX5 5JS
Cadeleigh Tiverton EX16 8HJ
Calverleigh Tiverton EX16 8JN
Canal Hill Tiverton EX16 4AQ
Castlands Newton St Cyres Exeter EX5 5AA
Castle Hill Hemyock Cullompton EX15 3RQ
Chawleigh Chulmleigh EX18 7EH
Chenson Chulmleigh EX18 7LE
Cheriton Bishop Exeter EX6 6HD
Cheriton Fitzpaine Crediton EX17 4BA
Chettiscombe Tiverton EX16 7PP
Chevithorne Tiverton EX16 7PU
Chilton Cadeleigh Tiverton EX16 8RT
Chitterley Silverton Exeter EX5 4BP
Chulmleigh EX18 7BE
Churchinford Taunton Somerset TA3 7PT
Clannaborough Bow Crediton EX17 6DA
Clayhanger Tiverton EX16 7NN
Clayhidon Cullompton EX15 3PG
Clyst Hydon Cullompton EX17
Coldridge Crediton EX17 4BN
Colebrooke Crediton EX17 5BZ
Coleford Crediton EX17 5BZ
Coldharbour Mill Uffculme Cullompton EX15 3EE
Collipriest Tiverton EX16 4LP
Coombe Hill Hemyock Cullompton EX15 3SS
Copplestone Crediton EX17 5BX
Corn Hill Hemyock Cullompton EX15 3RQ
Cove Tiverton EX16 7QP
Cowley Moor Tiverton EX16 6HJ
Craddock Cullompton EX15 3LH
Crazelowman Tiverton EX16 7DF
Crediton EX17 1AA
Crediton Hamlets Crediton EX17
Creedy Bridge Crediton EX17 1AB
Creedy Park Crediton EX17 4AA
Crockernwell Exeter EX6 6NN
Croyle Kentisbeare Cullompton EX15 2AL
Cruwys Morchard Tiverton EX16 8LA
Cullompton EX14 0SR
Culm Davy Hemyock Cullompton EX15 3UN
Culm Pyne Hemyock Cullompton EX15 3ST
Culm Vale Willand Cullompton EX15 2RF
Culmstock Cullompton EX15 3BA    

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Crediton EX17


Crediton EX17



Cruwys Morchard EX16
Cruwys Morchard



Cullompton EX14


Dartmoor Multimap Map
Dartmoor National Park  
Deymans Hill Tiverton EX16 4LJ
Down St Mary Crediton EX17 5LF
Downes Crediton EX17 3PL
Drewsteignton Exeter EX6 6PZ
Dulford Cullompton EX15
Dulings Copplestone Crediton EX17 5NR
Dunkeswell Cullompton EX15
Dunsford Exeter EX6 7AN  

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East Anstey Tiverton EX16 9JE
East Barton Bickleigh Tiverton EX16 8HD
East Manley Tiverton EX16 4NJ
East Village Crediton EX17 4AH
East Worlington Crediton EX17 4TJ
Eastacott Crediton EX17 3PX
Eastleigh Crediton EX17 6AX
Eggesford Chulmleigh EX18 7JY
Esworthy Cross Oakford Tiverton EX16 9HA
Exebridge Dulverton Somerset TA22 9AZ
Exeter EX5  
Exeter Hill Tiverton EX16 4PL
Exmoor National Park
Exmoor National Park - Multimap    

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Eggesford Chulmleigh EX18

Exeter EX5


Five Bridges Cullompton EX15 1QP
Forches Cross Crediton EX17 2ES
Fordton Crediton EX17 3DB
Frogwell Tiverton EX16 8BQ
Fourways Cross Hemyock Cullompton EX15 3PF
Fulford Barnyard Cullompton EX15 1TJ  

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Gaddon Down Ashill Cullompton EX15 3DL
Gaddon Leaze Uffculme Cullompton EX15 3DL
Garlandhayes Clayhidon Cullompton EX15 3TS
Gogwell Tiverton EX16 4PP
Goodleigh Blackborough Cullompton EX15 2JA
Grays Hill Hemyock Cullompton EX15 3SZ
Greenham Wellington Somerset TA21 0JT
Greenway Halberton Tiverton EX16 7AE
Gunstone Crediton EX17 5HJ
Gunstone Cross Crediton EX17 5EN  

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Hackpen Hill Blackborough Cullompton EX15 2HX
Halberton Tiverton EX16 7AA
Half Moon Village Newton St Cyres Exeter EX5 5AB
Hele Exeter EX5 4PH
Hele Payne Hele Exeter EX5 4PH
Hemyock Cullompton EX15 2HZ
Hensleigh Tiverton EX16 5NH
High Bolham Oakford Tiverton EX16 9JY
High Park Uffculme Cullompton EX15 3DN
Higher Brinscott Greenham Wellington TA21 0JY
Higher Shutehanger Sampford Peverell Tiverton EX16 7EB
Hillmoor Culmstock Cullompton EX15 3JU
Hittisleigh Exeter EX6 6LB
Hockworthy Wellington Somerset TA21 0NH
Holcombe Rogus Wellington Somerset TA21 0PA
Hollacombe Crediton EX17 5BS
Holwell Collipriest Tiverton EX16 4PT
Hookway Crediton EX17 3PT
Hornhill Tiverton EX16 4PL
Huntsham Tiverton EX16 7LZ  

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Halberton Tiverton EX16


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Kelland Hill Lapford Crediton EX17 6AF
Kennerleigh Crediton EX17 4RR
Kentisbeare Cullompton EX15 2AA
Knowle Crediton EX17 5BT
Knowle Cullompton EX15 1PT
Knowstone South Molton EX36 4SB  

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Knowstone South Molton EX36


Lammacott Bow Crediton EX17 6DA
Landscore Crediton EX17 3LR
Langford Bow Crediton EX17 6HX
Langridge Crediton EX17 5HH
Lapford Crediton EX17 6AA
Leigh Barton Silverton Exeter EX5 4DA
Leonard Moor Cross Uffculme Cullompton EX15 3EX
Lickham Hemyock Cullompton EX15 3RT
Little Rix Tiverton EX16 7RA
Little Silver Tiverton EX16 4LN
Long Barn Crediton EX17 4AB
Long Drag Hill Tiverton EX16 5AQ
Lower Neopardy Crediton EX17 5EP
Lower Pitt Washfield Tiverton EX16 9QU
Lower Town Colebrooke Crediton EX17 5JS
Lower Washfield Tiverton EX16 5NA
Lower Yearlstone Tiverton EX16 8RN
Lowman Green Tiverton EX16 4LA
Loxbeare Tiverton EX16 8BX
Luppitt Honiton EX15 1AJ
Lurley Tiverton EX16 9QS  

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Madford Hemyock Cullompton EX15 3QU
Maidendown Burlescombe Tiverton EX16 7JX
Mill Hill Lapford Crediton EX17 6PU
Millmoor Culmstock Cullompton EX15 3JJ
Millway Bradninch Exeter EX5 4NL
Moor End Wembworthy Chulmleigh EX18 7SG
Moorlake Yeoford Crediton EX17 5EL
Morchard Bishop Crediton EX17 6AA
Morchard Road Crediton EX17 5LH
Morebath Tiverton EX16 9AE
Morrells Cross Morebath Tiverton EX16 9DA
Mutterton Cullompton EX15 1RB  

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Neopardy Crediton EX17 5EP
New Buildings Sandford Crediton EX17 4PL
Newton St Cyres Exeter EX5 5AA
Nicholashayne Wellington Somerset TA21 9QN
Nomansland Tiverton EX16 8NH
North Hollacombe Crediton EX17 5BS
North Tawton EX20 2DL
Nymet Rowland Crediton EX17 6AJ
Nymet Tracey Bow Crediton EX17 6DB  

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Oakford Tiverton EX16 9DH
Oakford Bridge Bampton Tiverton EX16 9HJ
Old Village Newton St Cyres Exeter EX5 5BY
Oldborough Morchard Bishop Crediton EX17 6SQ
Oldborough Cross Morchard Bishop Crediton EX17 6SQ
Orchardleigh Tiverton EX16 5EZ  

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Oakford Tiverton EX16


Pencross Hill Hemyock Cullompton EX15 3SP
Pennymoor Tiverton EX16 8LF
Penstone Colebrooke Crediton EX17 5JN
Petton Cross Shillingford Tiverton EX16 9BE
Pinnex Moor Tiverton EX16 6SJ
Plymtree Cullompton EX15 2LR
Polson Hill Morchard Bishop Crediton EX17 6NW
Posbury Crediton EX17 3QE
Post Hill Tiverton EX16 4LX
Poughill Crediton EX17 4DG
Pounds Hill Crediton EX17 1BQ
Poundsland Silverton Exeter EX5 4DS
Prescott Uffculme Cullompton EX15 3BA
Priest Hill Kentisbeare Cullompton EX15 2BG
Priorton Bridge Crediton EX17 4BT
Puddington Tiverton EX16 8LN
Pylemoor Washfield Tiverton EX16 9RF
Pylemoor Cross Washfield Tiverton EX16 9RF   

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Rackenford Tiverton EX16 8DJ
Red Ball Burlescombe Tiverton EX16 7JY
Red Ball Wellington Somerset TA21 9RA
Red Cross Silverton Exeter EX5 4DH
Redhill Morchard Bishop Crediton EX17 6RL
Rewe Exeter EX5 4HB
Ridgewood Hill Hemyock Cullompton EX15 3PU   

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Sainthill Kentisbeare Cullompton EX15 2DR
Sampford Arundel Wellington Somerset TA21 0DL
Sampford Peverell Tiverton EX16 7BE
Sandford Crediton EX17 4BT
Seckerleigh Tiverton EX16 4PJ
Seven Crosses Tiverton EX16 5NW
Shillingford Tiverton EX16 9AE
Shobrooke Crediton EX17 1AD 
Shute Shobrooke Crediton EX17 1BN
Shutehanger Sampford Peverell Tiverton EX16 7EB
Silverton Exeter EX5 4BP
Smeatharpe Honiton EX15 1AJ
Smithincott Uffculme Cullompton EX15 3DG
Smithincott Barton Uffculme Cullompton EX15 3DD
Sock Hill Ash Thomas Tiverton EX16 4NU
South Molton EX36 4SB
Spekes Cross Wembworthy Chulmleigh EX18 7QP
Spencecoombe Crediton EX17 5BT
Spreyton Crediton EX17 5AA
Staple Cross Hockworthy Wellington Somerset TA21 0NH
Stenhill Uffculme Cullompton EX15 3DH
Stockleigh English Crediton EX17 4DD
Stockleigh Pomeroy Crediton EX17 4AP
Stockwell Cross Silverton Exeter EX5 4DE
Stoford Water Kentisbeare Cullompton EX15 2HG
Stones Hill Sandford Crediton EX17 4EF
Stoneyford Cullompton EX15 1NJ
Stoodleigh Tiverton EX16 9DZ
Stretchdown Witheridge Tiverton EX16 8PA
Stuckeridge Oakford Tiverton EX16 9EJ
Sweetham Newton St Cyres Exeter EX5 5AP
Symonsburrow Hemyock Cullompton EX15 3XA   

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Sampford Peverell Tiverton EX16


Silverton Exeter EX5


Taunton Somerset TA1
Tedburn St Mary Exeter EX17 6BH
Tedburrow Hemyock Cullompton EX15 3RL
Templeton Tiverton EX16 8BJ
The Cleeve Culmstock Cullompton EX15 3JQ
The Tolleys Crediton EX17 1HG
The Village Yeoford Crediton EX17 5JD
Thelbridge Crediton EX17 4SH
Thorverton Exeter EX5 5JL
Threshers Crediton EX17 3NL
Thurlescombe Tiverton EX16 4NY
Thurlescombe East Ash Thomas Tiverton EX16 4NY
Thurlescombe West Ash Thomas Tiverton EX16 4NY
Tiverton EX16 4AA
Trobridge Crediton EX17 3QA
Tumbling Fields Tiverton EX16 4LN   

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Tiverton EX16

Tiverton EX16


Uffculme Cullompton EX15 2RB
Upham Cheriton Fitzpaine Crediton EX17 4HG
Uplowman Tiverton EX16 7DL
Upottery Honiton EX15 1AJ
Upton Hellions Crediton EX17 1AB
Upton Pyne Exeter EX5 5HY
Uton Crediton EX17 3PX    

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Venny Tedburn Crediton EX17 3QB
Verbeer Manor Willand Cullompton EX15 2PE    

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Warnicombe Tiverton EX16 4NZ
Washfield Tiverton EX16 5NA
Washford Pyne Crediton EX17 4QZ
Waterloo Cross Uffculme Cullompton EX15 3ES
Waterrow Taunton Somerset TA4 2BE
Way Village Pennymoor Tiverton EX16 8LU
Wembworthy Chulmleigh EX18 7QR
Wembworthy Down Wembworthy Chulmleigh EX18 7QP
Wellington Somerset TA21   
Wellington Multimap
West Brushford Chulmleigh EX18 7SJ
West Efford Crediton EX17 1BN
West Farleigh Cadeleigh Tiverton EX16 8HS
West Manley Tiverton EX16 4NH
West Raddon Shobrooke Crediton EX17 1BD
West Sandford Crediton EX17 4PD
West Town Newton St Cyres Exeter EX5 5BL
Westcott Cullompton EX15 1RJ
Westexe North Tiverton EX16 5LX
Westexe South Tiverton EX16 5DH
Westleigh Tiverton EX16 7EP
Westown Hemyock Cullompton EX15 3RN
Westwood Crediton EX17 3PD
Whipcott Holcombe Rogus Wellington Somerset TA21 0NA
White Ball Wellington Somerset TA21 0LX
Whitnage Uplowman Tiverton EX16 7DS
Wilcombe Tiverton EX16 4AE
Willand Cullompton EX15 2PA
Witheridge Tiverton EX16 8AN
Withleigh Tiverton EX16 8BJ
Wiveliscombe Taunton Somerset TA4 2QP
Wonham Bampton Tiverton EX16 9JZ
Woodgate Culmstock Cullompton EX15 3HR
Woolfardisworthy Crediton EX17 4RX   

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Yeoford Crediton EX17 3PG  

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Zeal Monachorum Crediton EX17 6DD

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Zeal Monachorum Crediton EX17

National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Blackdown Hills - Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty - Blackdown Hills Map

Dartmoor National Park  - 365 square miles of stunning scenery - Dartmoor Multimap Map

Exmoor National Park - one of the UK's hidden treasures -  Exmoor National Park - Multimap 

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