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Privacy Policy

Quite simply, we do not collect or keep any information from Visitors to www.Mid-Devon.Net,. so there is no need to worry about security of your personal information whilst on this website

There is just one instance where Visitors' information may appear - if someone specifically asks that we put their message on our Comments Page, and they may also wish their e-mail address to be displayed so other Visitors can contact them on that subject.  Otherwise, we do not even know any information about Visitors

The only other type of information held on or by Mid-Devon.Net  is information about Local Websites and events that may be of interest to those who live in Mid-Devon.  This info. appears in 3 forms:-

1)  The Website Addresses, (URLs), of  organisation that wish to be included in the Mid-Devon.Net Community

2)  A description of those websites so that our Visitors can Search through what is available both locally and online

3)  A What's On / Diary of Events in Mid-Devon where local events are shown for each month, and its' daily Calendar

Please be assured that we do not store any information on Visitors to Mid-Devon.Net

Mid-Devon.Net's Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 07 May 2008

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