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Digital TV Switchover 2009

In 2009 the present television system - called analogue - will be switched over to the new improved Digital system.  

The Mid-Devon Area, which includes parts of Devon and Somerset, are serviced by either the Huntshaw Cross or the Stockland Hill transmitter, approximate locations shown below

To check which transmitter you are receiving your TV signal from go to the Postcode Checker at www.digitaluk.co.uk/postcodechecker/   

Stockland Hill - 2 phases on 6th May and 20th May

Huntshaw Cross - sometime between July and September

BBC2 will be the first channel to switch over.  This will be run for a month to see if there are any problems and then, when any hiccups have been fixed, the others will be switched over
If the only channels you can get at the moment are BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, and Channel 4, you will need to get a Digital receiver, which most likely will plug into the back of your TV.  If you have an older TV you can almost certainly convert it - read more about what you need to do at www.digitaluk.co.uk/

If you have Freeview or if you can view More4 you already have Digital.  If you bought a new TV within the last few years you probably already have Digital.  Over 70% of UK households already have Digital TV

You will need a Digital receiver for each TV set that you want to watch digital TV on.  You buy a small box at a small cost for each TV

TVs used just for watching DVDs or Videos or playing games don't need a Digital receiver

After the switch over, in theory we should all be able to get good digital pictures through our aerials, (which is not the case for some people at the moment).  However, if you have very bad pictures at the moment the switch over may not help and you may need to look into FreeSat, (FreeSat is available for a one-off payment) or pay-TV

If your aerial is in good condition you should not need a new one, but if it is very old it may be worth while

No-one will call on you - if someone knocks at the door saying they have come about the Digital Switchover don't let them in.  If you get a letter saying that you need an expensive conversion this is a scam - you don't need any expensive scheme so just throw away the letter
Most of all - ENJOY!
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